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  Subject Replies Date
Poker Online 0 7/10/2019
Is there life on other planets? 422 1/18/2019
Would it be a good idea to establsh a civilian plan of reaction in the event an Alien first contact is hostile? 0 7/17/2018
Eventual Contact 0 7/17/2018
Is there life after death 6 10/23/2016
Is there life on other planets? 2 9/22/2016
Extraterrestrial life 2 7/26/2016
Do you think that creatures live on other planets does breast-feed thier youngs? 2 11/14/2015
Before this world end you will find all the answers in my book 3 9/30/2015
Extraterrestrial life 1 9/17/2015
Y r we scared of what we dont know about 1 8/21/2015
The search for ET 4 8/20/2015
Are humans stuidp 1 6/5/2015
Alien Life in our Solar System 4 5/20/2015
Gliese 581 0 5/10/2015
Extraterrestrial life 1 4/29/2015
Challenge societty 0 4/20/2015
Do you feel that when Dec 2012 comes,the aliens will come down and take over? I believe we are made up of wave lengths and we all need to be on the sa... 6 3/5/2015
Have u all had any encounters with aliens? or have u all heard of someone who had..not in books but in real life please? 1 2/5/2015
Space 0 12/27/2014
How many branches of science are there? How many divisions? 1 11/15/2014
Satellite images and space posters 1 10/26/2014
Cool people 3 10/7/2014
Gliese 581 0 9/30/2014
Visible planet 0 9/26/2014
If we find life in our solar system outside earth, does that mean that the universe is full of life? 8 8/31/2014
Interplanetary travel 0 8/27/2014
Will extra terrestrials be more intelligent than us and will they have advanced weapon and technology? 2 8/21/2014
Are there aliens on other planets or stars in the universe and will we ever meet them? 3 8/21/2014
Was Big Bang happened? 3 7/16/2014
Could life from outer space be more intelligent than humans? 2 7/4/2014
How likely is it extraterrestrail life may be possible in our solar system? 12 6/16/2014
Physiology Of Your Greys 0 5/31/2014
What is extraterrestial life 1 5/17/2014
Billions upon billions 1 5/17/2014
Why do the scientists think that extraterrestrial life is possible if and only if the planet has all the conditions same as the earth has? 1 3/30/2014
Is there evidence on extraterrestrial life on earth? 8 2/22/2014
My theory on extraterrestrial life 1 2/16/2014
Have YOU ever seen aliens? 9 2/11/2014
Abduction 3 2/11/2014
Alien detection 2 1/26/2014
A Thought On Extraterrestrial Life 4 1/8/2014
Does religion give a special meaning to people's lives? 4 12/30/2013
If there is other life on planets and their a threat to our very own planet what would we do i mean for all we khow they could be more advanced than u... 1 11/23/2013
How did the world begin 6 11/17/2013
Do you have any examples of what extraterrestial life MIGHT look like? 1 11/10/2013
I no that there is life on other planets!! 4 11/2/2013
Have aliens visited Earth? If you believe so, please explain why you think this is true. If not, please explain likewise. 11 10/1/2013
What looks like a stick insect but hovers effortlessly in free space, has two articulations in each leg (of 2) and a glowing hexagolal body with a st... 0 10/1/2013
Does anyone know anything about 'space eels?' or can anyone point me to any info on them? 0 9/24/2013
Mars 5 7/30/2013
Parallel Universe 3 7/13/2013
You can't detect their signals! 2 7/12/2013
Is it possible that viruses could be a form of extaterrestrial life (like aliens)? 4 3/15/2013
Animated imagineer 1 3/13/2013
Is there any possibility of human being living on extraterrestrial entities like planets and satellites in the artificially constructed ecosystems? 7 11/17/2012
there is other life forms on other plantes 7 10/27/2012
Modern fascination with extra-terrestrial life 2 3/6/2012
Extraterrestrial life in history 4 2/6/2012
What is the basis for extraterrestrial life? 2 2/4/2011