Ultimate fate of the universe
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Are all the galaxies we get amazing images of in the local group? 0 3/22/2019
The fate of our Universe 250 1/2/2019
OUR Universe 0 5/19/2018
Universe 1 5/19/2018
Truth you can check 1 5/2/2018
How would we identify the "red" shift of the celestial objects (with respect to their rapid movement away from each other), if we did not know "red"? ... 0 8/30/2017
In general 1 1/2/2017
Steady State Theory 3 10/26/2016
What are some theories about the end of the universe? 5 10/25/2016
Pls wat is the mning of kilapate 0 10/22/2016
Main ek ladki sa pyar krta hu par muga nahi pta ki vo mugsa krti hai ja nahi pyar to muga kya krna hoga... 1 9/27/2016
I have many ideas that are never mentioned on all the shows i watch, books i read, etc. About the universe, Big bang, earths moon.... Questions really... 1 7/31/2016
Can you tell me real secret about bermuda triangle some scientist are veiwing that it is only gravitational force is it true??? 0 6/12/2016
According quantum mechanics electron or any other matter particle have both dual nature (particle nature and wave nature). but the thing which makes ... 0 5/26/2016
Pls i need aye short oretation 0 3/28/2016
Time ,what is it? 3 3/23/2016
Universe 2 3/17/2016
Is it possible that earth is just like a human cell but in a bigger proportion ? 1 1/31/2016
If the universe is approximately 14 and a 1/2 billion yrs old, how old is our blue marble? Also why is it considered looking into the past when looki... 1 1/28/2016
We are constantly finding more and more planets that may contain complex life. My question is if we do run across one that is equil or greater than ea... 1 1/15/2016
Where did the SINGULARITY that started the BIG BANG come from? 1 1/2/2016
I want to know what really is "dark matter" it makes very confused. please explain. 3 11/10/2015
Is there a speed greater than cosmic speed to prove Einstine wrong? 2 11/2/2015
Looking for people who went to catholic school 1963 first grade in wolf point 0 10/19/2015
For how millions year we can,t serch for living things 0 10/14/2015
People say that the universe expands...but they fix a particular distance between planets and moons and stars etc...This value changes ryte???? 2 10/6/2015
Http://discuss.itacumens.com/index.php?action=media;sa=item;in=7545 The above picture contains the picture of universe....What is beyond that image... 0 10/6/2015
Critique and Fate of the Universe (in 5 parts) 1 9/10/2015
Critique and Fate of the Universe (continued, part 2) 1 9/10/2015
Critique and Fate of the Universe (continued, part 3) 1 9/10/2015
Critique and Fate of the Universe (continued, part 4) 1 9/10/2015
Critique and fate of the Universe (continued, part 5) 1 9/10/2015
The fedral reserve banks of united states of America: 1:whom they are accoutable? 2:Are they have any liability? 3:Are they given license to print ... 0 7/20/2015
The ultimate truth of everything(universe, origins, life, matter anything) 0 5/25/2015
"Short History of Everything" 0 5/23/2015
Urantia book true or false? 0 5/17/2015
Urantia Book 0 5/14/2015
Urantia Book 0 5/13/2015
Would anyone care to comment on Dark matter and Dark energy. It would seem that if scientists cannot redily explain something they invent one, i reme... 1 5/2/2015
Do we "really know" anything for sure??? 0 4/14/2015
I want to know about the three elements of an ellipsoid 0 3/19/2015
They say that 25,690 years ago ,was the last time the earth was in it's position as it will be on Dec.21,2012, people still survived past that periodi... 2 2/27/2015
The Ultimate fate of this planet Earth 1 2/7/2015
What is matter made of? 0 1/1/2015
Did GOD create the universe? was there a big bang could God have used a big bang to create the universe. Does God have a 24 hour day same as we or can... 7 12/19/2014
Why does all this happen? 1 11/19/2014
Mayan Doomsday 1 11/12/2014
Is it normal for employees to post from thier work on line at the obsevatory in greenbank when they 0 11/4/2014
Have we sent a space probe out into the direction we are expanding to? So that we are not driving blindfold! 1 10/29/2014
Cuando un gas contenido en un recipiente es sometido a una presion externa, al llegar al punto de liquefaccion, en esos instantes ¿obtenemos un estado... 1 10/16/2014
What is the average monthly temperature in the intertidal zone? 0 9/28/2014
Do you think that the world is going to end in 2012? 3 9/28/2014
Green emerald tablets of atlantic 1 9/20/2014
Are the messages real in the "crop signs"; Beware the bearer of false gifts. 0 9/2/2014
One way to explain the Universe 2 8/19/2014
I want to know that how deep is river Jhelum at kohalla ( Azad Kashmir) side? What is the maximum depth of this river? 0 8/2/2014
If albert enstein dosent introduce the concept space-time than how can we find the answer of how gravity works???? i mean that is their any other... 0 8/1/2014
Universe 1 7/12/2014
What you think about unievrse 2 6/20/2014
I wanted to ask a question on the "general theory of relativity"... in this albert enstein said that HEAVY OBJECTS LIKE PLANETS AND STARS BENT SPACE ... 2 6/17/2014
Wwhat is smaller than an asteroid 3 6/1/2014
How many galaxae are there ? 1 4/23/2014
Space 4 4/21/2014
Time, and special relativity 1 4/15/2014
Purpose of the Universe 3 2/3/2014
Will the universe be destroyed eventually? 2 2/2/2014
Will there be any energy crisis at all? 0 1/13/2014
The end of the world 5 1/13/2014
Is space infinite and if not how so 1 11/4/2013
Dear sir/madam... when i think of this universe...seems to be very authentic creation....i think is for syre that relativity exist with respect to eve... 0 10/10/2013
Are we successors of Aliens? 10 8/14/2013
The End of the World. 16 8/14/2013
What medicine is on the top list for the Lyme Disease and it has cure. 0 8/7/2013
Why do Suns,Planets. Moons Rotate on Their Axis? & even Quarks Spin. 3 8/5/2013
What makes all the planets circular? 5 4/10/2013
Theoretical realist 0 3/13/2013
How might the shape of the universe affect its ultimate fate? 2 4/9/2012
Big Bang Theory 6 3/6/2012
How is the end of the universe portrayed in science fiction? 3 2/5/2012