World War I
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Who was the first American killed at sea during World War One, and what was the date? 0 2/12/2016
What ticked of the First World War? 2 8/20/2015
Who were moderates 0 7/3/2015
How the two wars bring disasters to the hummanity and nations all over the world 0 7/3/2015
World war 1 and 2 0 7/3/2015
Where did the battle take place in italy 0 10/12/2014
What were some advantages and disadvantages of world war I? 0 9/6/2014
I'm writing a family history of men who served in world war one with Australian brigades. I'd like to know what their rate of pay was. Does anyone hav... 0 10/19/2013
How did economic, political, and social dynamics push America into the International Stage at the end of WW1? 0 10/16/2013
United States entry into the war 1 9/2/2013
Germany would bring Great Britain into the war when they invaded neutral Belgium to get to France. These events would be the beginning of World War I ... 0 12/18/2012
What were the new warfare methods used during the Second World War? 1 3/7/2012
Did the the warring nations lose control of the territories under them? 3 1/3/2011
Were there any positive results of the World War I? 2 1/2/2011
What was the post war economical effect of World War I? 2 1/1/2011