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A while back there was 1984 and Big Brother and It can't happen here, you know they were warning us about mind control, us losing our freedom of speech. And that was about the time the computer comes along. And so we have these forums where there is all this FREEDOM of expression. It doesn't matter what anyone is saying. At least they are saying SOMETHING. So about the time NO FREEDOM is beginning, FREEDOM is beginning to really happen. Saved by the Internet!
So traveling back in time in your mind, there was an answer.
All that mind control starts with the corrupt parents. DO this, do that, 3, 2, 1, go. Your grounded. You're supposed to DO what they say. How many parents want to hear your opinion?
Maybe they did. They are the ones who got the computer with the forums. But maybe they didn't know it. We all have history which is filled with dictators and followers. But the forums - it's a really good thing.
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True, long live google and the free internet, which AIPAC associates, who setup china with american manufacturing companies eliminated there, and AIPAC is trying to eliminate here.

mentally, they haven't a clue, but legally they will get their lawyers to eventually pass laws, which the people will simply ignore, and aipac, nor their selected lawyers can do anything about the rise of anarchy against their illfated attempt to rise to nobility.

The one book, and freedom of speech will be their undoing, and government by and for the people will began on the one book, by referendum, and the world will join in the search for truth, ridding themselves of the current one world economy, run by the world class mafia, and there is nothing they can do to prevent it, and can only stall it by self destruction. hopefully, soon