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As I understand it, my paternal grandfather was a member (out of Liverpool) in the ealy part of the 20th Century. He travelled to Australia on the Suvic during 1912 during which time he met his future wife who was a pasenger emigrating with her parents. Is there a listing of members over the years and the names/dates of ships upon which they served?
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Fact sheet 220

What is the Passenger arrivals index?

The Passenger arrivals index is an online database that includes the names from passenger lists in the National Archives series K269, Inward passenger manifests for ships and aircraft arriving at Fremantle, Perth Airport and outports, chronological series, 1898–1978. Listing of the names from passenger lists was undertaken as a project under the Commonwealth government's Work for the Dole program. The database is available in all National Archives reading rooms and on this website.

The index was launched in February 2003. At December 2008 it included names from passenger lists for the period 1 January 1921 to 15 January 1950. The current coverage of the index can be found at the top and bottom of the 'Index to passenger arrivals’ screen. This will be updated if further index entries are loaded.

The index is useful to those undertaking family history research because the passenger lists lodged in Fremantle included all passengers disembarking in Fremantle, and usually passengers travelling on to other Australian ports (such as Melbourne or Sydney) or overseas ports (such as Auckland or Colombo).