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As in my view as relating to energy
let suppose if there is water at height (water tank)
and a pipe emerging from it come down on genertor which produce energy a part of this energy is used by the water pumps to send the water back into the water tank and the process continues energy which is recived from the water tank will be increased by step up transformer and is send to the homes
now if someone has knowldege then inform me about my view
i am challanging the law of conservation of energy and in this way one can say that isolated system is possible in this world
before replaying think on this
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Let us start with your statement " the energy received from the tank will be increased by a tep up transformer tc. " is the first mistake. a transformer steps up or down voltage, not energy. as the voltage goes up, the current goes down. P (power) = ei. the power remains the same. minus hysterisis loss. the second mistake is obvious. the law of conservation of energy states that " energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another" the stored water is potential energy, falls down and become kinetic energy, turns the generator and become electrical energy., runs a pump , converting the electrical energy back to potential energy. each stage has a less than unity conversion efficiency due to friction loss.

hate to burst your bubble. you can make this work only in the realm of make belief.