Crossing Time
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Dear Readers,

I have written a book named CROSSING TIME available on I am sure you will find it an interesting read because religion is one of the issues in it. Let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Douglas A. Grant
PS. Here's a little more detail:

Crossing Time is an action adventure fable in which the main character is a woman named Lela. She lives in the charming and picturesque city of Vancouver in Canada, and works as a high school history teacher. Lela decides to leave her home for a while after a failed romance.

Lela’s adventures begin in the present on board an Air Canada Airbus A380-800 super jumbo jet, the airlines newest acquisition and the pride of its fleet. On her journey, she becomes the unwitting instrument of temporal and divine revelations that cross the boundaries of space and time.

She first encounters three men: Ram Ram Sita Ram, Sid and Osman. Then a man with no name, and finally, Lela brings divine revelations to an Arab named Mustafa in the city of Jahalia. A playful prankster, Brahma the Bull, assists her in her task!

Make sure your seat is upright and your seatbelt securely fastened because you are about to go on a bone jarring, spine tingling, hair raising ride full of thrills, chills and spills.

You will move seamlessly between time and space with endearing characters who struggle with the challenges of everyday life determined to understand, live and overcome them in their myriad complexities and uncertainties.

Your thrilling and entertaining adventure on this provocative, incredibly imaginative and evocative rollercoaster ride will leave you gasping for air, trembling and grasping your seat asking for more.

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