World War II
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Douse any body no were i can find out about my greatgrandpa he came out of the war alive and his name is Elmer G. Raymond thanks for your help im 14 years old tryen to figer out life and things in it
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Well, the first thing someone would need to know, if they wanted to help you as much as possible, is: how much more can you tell us? For example:

What country was he from? USA? Great Britain? Canada? What part of the country was he from? Do you know a state where he was born, or where he died?

Do you know if he was in the Army? Navy? Air Force?

There are soooo many millions of people who served in that war - you have a big job in front of you. But in trying to find your answer, you are going to learn a lot of very interesting and important things that you will remember always.

Let's put our heads together and see what we find :)

John A.