World War II
Flying a historic Canadian flag
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As many know, the Canadian Red Ensign went through many changes over the years it was used. Canada finally established a Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. Some not so great minds decided that what he represents is not worthy of any valour medals. Unlike the US, British, French, Italian etc., Unknown soldiers. (The Brit Unknown was awarded the US medal of Honour, the US Unknown was awarded the British Victoria Cross, for example). I guess these great minds do not think the Canadian Unknown or what he represents is not as good or as worthy. However perhaps they would not mind if the Canadian flag which the Unknown served and died under was flown at the Tomb. That would be the Canadian Red Ensign. As the warrior was brought to Canada from a Vimy Ridge Cemetery, & that was the Canadian flag which they fought under. Should it not be a flag flying over the last resting place. After all, he would not know what the Liberal Maple Leaf flag was.