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Why is it that we have all this Politicians trying too pass all this gun laws? Guns don't kill people, people kill people. look at our Goverment killing all those poor people in other Countri'es. Guns should not be ban. What we need to do is punish the criminals using guns. If they kill somebody with a gun and are foung guilty then they should be kill withing a month. This will make criminals thing twice. But no we give them a couple of years in jail and then let them ou tfor so called good behaivor withing 1 year. Well this criminals just laughts and say's to him self that was a joke I can do this again. when you get sentence for a crime you should serve the hold sentence to the last second behing bars. Now we got this corrupted officers supplying drugs, cell phones and other things to the criminals and getting away. look at what the ATF was doing they was selling guns to the drug cartels in Mexico so that they can commit crimes. Those officers should be hang. To teach the others behing them that this will happen too them if they do it too. Also the DEA and the CIA traffing illegal drugs. They should also be kill as a punishment. No is NO
we cannot allow the Gov't to be above the law. this is why they thing that they can do what they want to and get away with it.
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People do kill other people but guns certainly make it easier for them to do so.

Capital punishment,aka,state sponsered murder does not make potential murderers think twice. Indeed there is a spike in the american murder statisics following just about every execution.

As too the alledge crimes of ATF and CIA, you could write several books and still not exaust the subject.