World War II
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If i were going to find my great grampa where who i look to find him on the internet or at a cematary or at a musium thats only on ww2 im 14 years and trying to figer out life and people in it

if you could help i would appreciate it and you can reach me at either or

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Your search will be a significantly time-consuming project.

I'm assuming that your grandfather participated in WWII, yes? Was he a casualty of combat? This will make a difference as to where you begin your search.

If you know your grandfather's full name, and his social security number (or service number, assigned when inducted into the military) you can approach the United States government - Department of Defense (DoD) - with a question about service dates. The service dates will also tell you if he survived the war.

Assuming he was a war casualty, they (DoD) can tell you if he was treated and sent home as medical discharge, or interred in a military cemetary (here or overseas).

Assuming he made it back after the war safely, the Social Security Administration should be able to tell you when (or if) they stopped sending him payments. If there's a stop date, this date will tell you that he's deceased. If payments are continuing to be made, then he's alive somewhere.