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How can i be a muslim
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Hi Philippe

No one is going to answer this straight question here..because everyone is so skeptical about the word "Muslim" (a joke)

No ...I'm serious.. everyone (with sectarian approach) will ask you to join a sect to join Islam...which is wrong from the making sect is 'prohibited' in Islam...

So if you are really serious about becoming a Muslim, then I would say are a Muslim ,already....!!Congrats!

Islam is the religion of God. Our God.One God. It belongs to Him alone. Islam is pure and free and cannot be materialized into any given religion or sect, as is just Islam.

Islam is about submitting to ONE GOD... Allah in Arabic...the one worthy of being worshipped...without ascribing any partners to share His Divinity.

He created Adam a.s. the first Human with Islam being his NATURE.

Humans are BORN MUSLIMS...only they can't figure it out...

So He says He has created us according to his religion.
only Islam was the religion, enjoined upon all the Messengers of Allah with the same BASICS...and some 'advancements' according to their specific time , however it was first 'formulized' on Abrahim a.s.

Since his time, many prominent Messengers have been reviving it..Jacob, Joseph, David, Soloman, John, Moses, Jesus (alaihisalaam )

This Message was completed on Muhammad s.a.w, their 'Cousin in relationship'( An Abrahimic -Link).

Qur'an is the FINAL TESTAMENT revealed on Muhammad, an unchanged verdict- a miracle BOOK OF ALLAH.

Through Muhammad and through Qur'an ...a Muslim believes in all the previous Messengers and the Scriptures.

(Kindly see the post"Who's Muslim?")

So it's Shahadah - A formal declaration (bearing witness)of the FAITH OF BEING MUSLIM, you need to recite...only.

La ilaha illallah

There's no God but God (Allah)

Muhammadur Rasoolallah

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

This declaration promises you an immediate forgiveness to all kind of sins of past.

The rest is believing in the Angels, the Prophets, Their holy books, The Judgment day and the destiny (to be in Allah's hands,only)

Altough a Muslim by heart is/should be in a continuous state of submission yet one needs to be practical, too.

Then try to do what we all are striving become a practical Muslim, by establishing prayer....

Praying helps us stay away from idle things and's Allah's promise.

You'll learn about fasting, charity....etc..

You can study Quran -The most authentic source of the religoius knowledge...and can learn about Prophet's way (Sunnah)by studing Hadith (traditions/sayings of Prophet too)..but kndly stay away from 'Mythical' traditions about false conceptions/beliefs which have been encouraging divisions amongst Muslims.

Allah says it was obligatory to all the previous Prophet's followers to pray , fast and give charity...if they care...

For Muhammad's followers..Hajj (Pligrimage is also obligatory , but for rich people with 'spare' money to afford travelling..when they have no essential duties towards their family to perform...only once in life-time...

I've tried my best to answer you ...may be someone else will come up with a better answer...

Welcome to the Faith!


An Ordinary Muslim.

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Their is no precise conditions to enter to islam: you must only say achahada (achhadou anna la ilaha illa allah wa achhadou anna Mohamad rassoul allah) and the most important is that you believe on what you say!!
before saying chahada you must be keep a shower: it is an important stape!! then, you must visit mosq (the place of muslims prayers)and present your self to the dirigent (imam) to know more about islam and to ask any question in your ind: how to pray, roules of islam, how you can do and how you can't as muslam?...
I hope thaht I help you! (sorry for the english: I4m not perfect in english writing)
don't forgot that islam is the religion of peace!! you are the welcome!!
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It is very simple my bother go to near by mosque in your country and there will be a man who congregates and pray as a member ask him first you will bath them after he will says kalma to you and you will be a muslim ok