Israeli-Palestinian conflict
How the world has fallen for Iran and Hamas propaganda
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The world in the claw of Iran and Hamas propaganda

Until we do not take side with the correct side in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, we are encouraging the Hamas (Iran) to continue the conflict and we are surrendering our wit to the trick masters behind the conflict. The victim of our mistake and our irresponsibility will be women and children in Palestine... I can not believe that even white house and whole Europe are taking side with wrong side and they are condemning the Israel. It seems like every one including our politician are completely stupid and blind. Every one is following the trend of the day, without paying attention to the consequence of their mistake. Even white house and its European friends have fallen for this dirty game. The fashion of the day is: “just condemn Israel” which will bring more money to Hamas because it pleases the master of the conflict “Iran”.
Drear friend Hamas is an adventurous, capitalist organization which will sacrifice 1000 of Palestinian for cash to pay for its luxuries. Hamas has set up its rocket launchers in schools and crowded places and prevents the people from leaving the war zone intentionally to use their dead body for propaganda. Israel can avoid hitting the Hamas rocket launchers for a while just because of civilian casualties, and while Hamas is using them to hit Israel, but how long can you do that? Until death? There is a point that you will lose your tolerance. Can you sit and wait until they kill you only because they have set up their gun in crowded places? My question is this: why you intelligent people are supporting this nasty propaganda by Hamas and its financiers? Why instead of Israel you are not condemning those filthy one who are using human shield for propaganda and how come you fall for this nasty propaganda? How easy they are fooling you and hiding their crime behind your sympathy.
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They have fallen for it good. Politicians have their own reasons. For example if you see Persian BBC, you see more support for Palestine, but English BBC on the other hand doesn't go that far! A part of the perblem is because Isreal kills civilians anyway, the other part stems from the ignorance of the world about the real situation and showy propaganda. It is simple; put your children in front of the bombs and when they have been killed, shout and cry wolf. We call this مظلوم نمایی "Mazlum-nemayi" in Iran, something that our Islamic governmnet is very capable of.

Let's really think deeper about the roots of the problem and put the pretty compliments of human friendship aside a little. Palestine and other lands on the eastern Mediterranean sea were occupied by Sunni Umar ibn Abdullah and Shia Ali Ibn Abitalib (first Muslims) about 1400 years ago. More astonishingly than that Umar established his Mosque, exactly on top of ruined temple of Jews. He couldn't make it a little distance away :-) First Muslims occupied many other lands not by preaching (as a religioun should do), but by swords. That is occupation. How a muslim claim Isreal deeds in Plestine as occupation while its whole religion and him/herself is the product of ocupation in the first place?! Even if the problem of Palestine would be solved, the problem I mentioned above exists and will exsit in the region. Many middle easterners (even devouted Muslims deep down), are not fully satisfied with how they have become Muslim. That is more powerfull among Iranians and Egyptians who had a history before Islam. Nearly the same condition is about Jews. You have read the Bible how Eastern mediterenia became jewish. The problem is religions. If Palestinians and Jews won't deny themselves, they cannot solve the problems between themselves. At least you can sham it. I know your religions become fully void of what really has been, but don't you think it is the price we should pay for humanity?!
I am writing this from Iran, but through proxy, because the Islamic government in Iran, at first, is censoring the internet, and secondly, if they would find about this message of mine, it would creates big problems for me. This is to inform you the ignorants of the west, how Islam has shut the mouth of many Muslims and non Muslims in Islamic lands to declare their real views about Palestine-Isreal situation. Actually we are forced to support Palestine in Islamic world. We are afraid of hardline Muslims, Hamas, Hizbollah, Harlines in Iran, Alqaida, Taliban, Daish, etc, etc, You and the west as a whole cannot hear many views among Muslims and non-Muslims in Islamic lands.

I condemn the killing of Palestinian children by Isreal, but overall and generally I am mostly in the side of Isreal. It has good reasons. Read the news cleverly, know the Muslim governments and Isreal governmnet, read history without showy propaganda, you would know on what side you should be mostly on.