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The counter argument in any time travel debate is always “its impossible because someone would have come back in time to tell us about it”. A sound argument and one that usually brings the debate to a firm conclusion. But what if people had travelled back in time? What if people had actually met a future version of themselves? What if they had proof?

The amount of people who claim to have encountered a future version of them selves is vast, the response on a British radio show was overwhelming, Pose the question to the people around you in the office; chances are someone will have had a similar encounter. The stories are as varied as they are fascinating but they all have one thing in common, the reaction they had when they saw or met their future self.

People tell of an icy chill, goose bumps, a shiver that runs from head to toe and the instant realisation that the person they where looking at was categorically themselves, older, composed and 100% them. Some have had conversations, some have just made eye contact, but all are convinced that the person they met was a future version of themselves and they had an instant emotional connection.

Hakan Nordkvist from Austria had such an encounter he claims to have met a 70 year old version of himself through a ‘time wormhole’ they chatted and embraced, Hakan describes the encounter as a ‘miracle’ Hakan knew nobody would believe him so he filmed the encounter on his phone. The footage is unbelievable......

We are a production company called PZP and we are currently making a documentary called 'i met my future self' in which we will tell the story of people who believe they have met a future version of themselves. if you believe you have had such an encounter we would love to hear from you, my email is james@patientzeroproductions.com

i cant wait to read your replies

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I never met a future version of myself but i did see my daughter before she was even conceived. And even the dress she was wearing and everything. Believe me because is true.