Is Islam correct? No
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Salaam alaykum! First of all, I hope not to offend any Muslims in this discussion, although I would argue that Islam is fascist at its core, that is a different topic.
My question to discuss is 'is the religion of Islam really correct?'
I find it disturbing in any case that in the 21st century anybody can actually believe in what is quite clearly superstitious nonsense. The Qur'an clearly states that saltwater and freshwater cannot mix, when all you have to do to see that they in fact do mix, is mix them and observe. It also disturbs me that a quite clearly paedophilic warlord with typical fascist 7th century views can be revered so much, to the point that you actually believe it is a truth that he ascended to Heaven on a winged horse. That is ignorance and there are no two ways about it in my opinion.

Any Muslim responses are welcome
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I also hope that you don't find my answer offensive but let me say you can't simply decide about quran by only translating it word by word. i can easily answer your questions like by reminding you the ocean current but i know there is no use in that because until you try to read quran on your own there will be lots of miss understanding like that.

meanwhile you may ask your self how may arabs knows about ocean current in that time? good luck with it.