Human cloning the biggest question if answered means death!!!
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Right most will think im mad for those who do come back to me in 100 years or so till they invent a programe that can merge our taughts!!
fact!! scients belive we came from just 1 tiny winy little cell so smaall our biggest telescopes couldent see it yet.why??
simple not enough people want to yet!!
so we start form o speck what next....
simple that the speck has life it wants to live so will do what ever it takes and evoles a way to make more specks...and by doing this it uses up all its energy and it leth one more speck whom now no that there was 1 before it and would like to have more and in doing so know has 3 specks lets say mammy daddy brother sister have 6 new specks and so on......
at this point i must say i regaurd the 1st speck as the first form of anything if you know what i mean energy life hair water sun earth ...i mean the 1st anything the beginning of the beginning.....will post a lot more very soon my back is to sore to keep typing