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Looking for users to take a brief survey on time travel for my English course!
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Hey everyone, I'm doing a research paper for an English course on the human fascination with "time" and why we want to travel through it, and I'm looking for anyone who is willing to answer the following questions for me:

- Name (optional):

- How do you perceive time?

- The human race seems to have an obsessive fascination with "time", why do you think this is?

- The human race also seems to have a fascination with discovering ways to manipulate "time", such as time travel. Again, why do you think this is?

- Do you believe that it will, at any point in time, be possible to manipulate "time" and travel to various points, whether in the past or the future? Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ]

- In the even of the discovery of time travel abilities, how do you see this feat being done?

- Should there be a set of rules and limitations for time travel, like the Temperal Directive from the Star Trek series? Yes [ ] No [ ]

- If yes, what sort of rules or limitations should be included?

If you would like, you can either reply to these questions here in the forum or email me your answers at gruenwe2@uwm.edu

Thanks in advance!
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Time only exists on the physical plane

People are fascinated with time because it is the only thing they cannot pretend they can control.

Mystics travel to various dimensions of Creation all the time, instantly.

The only people interested in rules and limitations on time travel are those who are incapable of doing so

No problem