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Main Problems With Solar Road Studs
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Solar road studs are more and more globally applied on the roads or highways. It not only plays the role as a guide for the drivers and passengers at night, but also has effectively saved the electricity and other engergies.

But there are some problems specially with solar road studs.

We often can see solar road studs on the road are badly damaged by strong pressure because of unreasonable structure which mainly reveals as follows:

The interior structure is hollow. Though the body is made of aluminum, actually, this kind of road stud is not compressive sufficiently at all because of the emptiness under the solar panel.

However, after a long-term experiment, we find that the compressive strength of aluminum road studs can be tested:

When the pressure reaches to 8.1 tons and 8.9tons, the aluminum solar studs(taken for the experiment)are broken. It is even weaker than normal plastic road marker which has 16 tons compressive value. Therefore, this kind of solar studs of course can not meet the standard issued by the Transportation Department in China and other standards in the world.

Common pressure measuring device is workable for this test.The defects of hollow interior structure also reveals in LED lampshade. Because of empty structure, the LED lampshade is easily damaged leading to the fracture of LED itself.

How to test this point?

There is a kind of device for testing the anti-impact of solar lampshade on the road stud. The testing method is as follows:

The steel ball(part of the testing device) falls freely from one-meter height, impacting directly onto the LED lampshade after the white board is drawn out. Check the LED lampshade is broken or not.