Mormonism and all religions
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I was born and raised in a couple churches (religions). As I grew older, I tried other religions through friends, even older I tried ALL religions known. Got to tell you, none of them were right, a lot was missing, conversations I hear were all judgemental.At age 22 I died, seen a light coming from a double gate that was getting wider, I went to it, going through the dark space, entered the gate, the most beautiful experience, beautiful feelings of peace, warmth, content, safe, happiness, joy,beautiful place, nothing like on earth, it was like day but without the sun that harms from its heat and brightness as on earth. The unique being spoke to me and I to her from our minds, not vocal, she said I had to go back to earth. I did not want to. She informed much information and told me my work is not done on earth yet. I am a witness to all things on earth sense a child, I had a personal relationship with Jesus sense age 6 but remembered him from the home I came from, born on earth.In my mid 30s I prayed to Jesus asked if he did not have a true church on earth. Something happened that was marvelous. I was guided to the one religion I knew nothing about, Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. I called for the Book of Mormon to be sent to me to read, I read the whole book in just a couple days non stop. I have to be honest there were things in it my heart burning with fire to be so incorrect. I called for the women missionaries. We hit it off great. They were amazed to all I had said with excitement because they claim that's what their religion is about. I was converted. Been a member for 26 years. However I had come across some experiences within the churches. I traveled, moved a lot and been to many wards to share many testimonies, testimony that only a hand full of people understood what I was actually speaking about which told me they were real, they were way up there spiritually. I had come across some divious Bishops, have conversations with them privately and I sensed the adversary within them and they sensed me being the true light within to why they spoke to me in a harshly rude matter, & told me I best go on my way else where for I will not receive any help if I were to ask. WOW, but was not surprising to me. At that point in Vegas that being my second bad experience with a bishop I knew I was chosen to be a witness among the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Religion and its authorities. Joseph Smith was a man, he desired things from his own heart so no he was not a saint, I know he never had true visions as a gift, he had visions he put into his own mind to plan them out. A lot of his teachings were correct but some were not, and some are serious to what I believe. I feel some deeper teachings not taught for they want to keep them hid but maybe they haven't the clue exactly of knowing more truth. It bothers me that they teach that women havent power to do the laying of hands, or to heal or to be Bishop or prophetess. This is the same thing Catholics tried to prevent to be known to the world, that women alike have the same gifts if the Good God chooses them to have. I seen that the Wrong God has men become Bishops that has no business to be as well as prophet. Bringham Young did command his men kill innocent outsiders, he lost his mind, by becoming paranoid.A ex Mormon official years ago snuck into a locked safe to have come across a document found that the man that was with Joseph Smith admitted on his death bed it was all a lie. Which goes against J Smith. It is true today that many officials are out for tithing more much more than caring about ones needs even as a one time need of help. Too many things negative, behaviors from officials in the church that members will sooner or later decline. It's a shame too. People within the church use to be like that paradise heaven I went to but there arent many of them left or they changed. I had over the years been disappointed in their behavior of manipulations, control, demanding behaviors. Officials do not know each of us as well as we know ourselves. I've been more as a witness than I have been active or inactive in the churches. As of all religions it comes down to brain wash, be programmed, follow only church rules etc.. This is more harming in some ways. People, all you have to do is get in tune. You don't need adults to command you as you are adults. Be good examples, JESUS was and is The Key, his ways, examples, teachings are the truth. We should live by his teachings and show those examples to all children so they grow to be as like him too. Jesus really rules over his father the god that forgotten him for his own reasons, not for the humans in the world. Jesus learned this when on the cross and survived the cross then traveled all over the world to re teach how things truly are to be like. One is to never kill animals for food, never sacrifice a animalbor a baby or even a sheep, goat etc...among other things. Thank you for reading. I advise you to also read "The Slave Speices of the Gods", "the book of enki"and " Gods of Eden" by William Bramley.