World War II
My grandfather was an SS officer
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Hello or Schön, ein Schreiben an sie alle.
My grandfathers name was Josef von glocen and came from the Bohemia region.He never wanted or did not talk about where he came from or if he had family there
He qualified as an Engineer and went to work in England where he met my grandmother. That was 1930 and in 1933 they married and went back to live in Ireland which was a poorer country and very few Engineers.He got work there and changed his name to Joseph Glockin and I don’t know why.He was a devout Catholic as was Ireland and he got on well.The work got very bad and he was offered a job back in Germany which he took and sent money home to his wife and 3 kids. That was 1938.
When war broke out there was little communication but he still managed to keep sending money home and that he had joined the army.
He was captured in France and sent to a Prison camp in England and when released came back to Ireland to a heroes welcome and got an Engineering job with the Government.
He would never talk about the war or where he came from in Germany
A year before he died he talked to me about living and growing up in Bohemia and had 1 brother and 2 sisters.
His brother was killed in Russia front 1 sister died when she was 19 and the other had married in Berlin.
He then went on to tell me of all his grandchildren I was the German and I always felt was in my blood.
He then told me he got a commission in the army as he was an Engineer .He went to the SS and reached the rank of oberstandatenfuhur.
He said he or any of his group did not behave badly.
He told me his ,friend Albrect was executed for his part in the assasination attempt on Hitler
He also said he was at a dinner party withAlbert Speer.
That’s all he said and unfortunatyl the majority of his family say s he worked in construction during the war and was sent to Prison by mistake.No one wants to talk about him as a Soldier.
I believe he changed his name for the Army as when I asked him he did not reply.I have a picture of him in Uniform.
He also said that all Officers captured by British were sent to camps in Germany and a lot of NCO s and privates were given to Americans Who executed them and said the War was wrong and both sides committed atrocities.
He said to be proud of German Heritage and Culture and I am.I would love to find out more info on him and why Ober was used in some namss like Standaten fuhur.
This is who I am and glad to have found this site

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The camp in austria was filled with ssmen who the bolshevicks wer edesperste to liquidatebut churhill wsa having none of it and jobs were found for these men in britain,many came to scotland and worked in the mining indst,in my travels i have met three ss men,one a certain erwin b,had a bbook written about him he escaped to the ameriscan lines and was transported eventually to aldershot eere he ws taught how to bake for many years he workedkin the edinburgh city bakeries,there wer two other survivors of te crackLSSAH;ONE A DUTCHMAN RAN A PUB IN LONDON AND THE THIRD A PUB IN ABERDEENevery year they visited a little known senetary in england where are laid the remaimsof many ukranianSSmen.this was to prevent desecration of the remains by bolshevists,RECUITED IN gALICIA from greek othordox familiesthey were originally part of army group south(sand colored helmets)the 19th SS GALIZICHE WERE RECKONED BY THE BRITS TO BE HITLERS FINEST VOLUNTEERS.decal on their helmet was alion rampant and three crownslater they became the ukranische/croatische nr.1 sufferedheavy cas.ualties in an artillery bombardment in normandy