Time travel
My time travel experement
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I am going to conduct an experement to see if time travel will become posssible in the future.

I will do this by arranging to meet a time traveller.

It will be achieved the following way:

In 2 months time I will be in a certain place at a certain time, after the event, I will post the time and place on this forum.

In the future, this post will be remembered, and when time travel becomes possilble, the invite for a time traveller to meet me will there.

The time traveller in question, will already know the time and place to meet me. He/she will be able to give me the code word that they will alreay know, and will be able to tell me 3 things about me that only I could possibly know.

He/she, will no doubt have rock solid proof that he/she, truly is a time traveller.

If this is successful, he/she, already knows that this meeting will happen, and to them, the meeting may already have happened, if this is so, he/she can email me at an email adress they already have.

I will let you know how this experement goes