World War II
“Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be.” -from *The Present*
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WWII: World War II started the year the movie the Wizard of Oz came out, when fun-loving musicals were the most popular movies. There was not as much sex and violence in these movies as there is today. People were more refined and friendly; they did not lock their doors or have alarm systems.

People were more civilized just before both world wars than we are now.

You have to admit the human race has become a lot weirder, more lost, and a lot more dangerous. We need to face the fact that it can and will happen to us if we do not do something to stop it from happening. It is just a natural cycle. The most optimistic of times have always preceded this world’s darkest days. Things before most disasters were just as they are now; people were asleep. Mankind has not changed. The only difference now is there are a lot more people, and we are more alienated, confused, vulnerable, and much more dangerous.”

-from page 42 of *The Present (with religion)*

It is time to WAKE UP to the truth before it is too late. If you are a truth seeker, go to and open *The Present.* This is truth you can check.