Organ donation requires fully informed consent required othewise it is not christian
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In order to sign up to be an organ donor, you ought to be given all the relevant facts, so that you have fully informed consent. There are doctors in many countries attempting to tell potential organ donors that they do not have all the facts, all the information, so that they are not able to make an informed decision. You have been told that you will be brain dead, yet all of the brain is not dead, or you have been told that you will be brain stem dead, yet all of the brain stem will not be dead. Organ donors are not dead, brain stem dead and brain dead is a legal requirement, it does not biologically equate with death, only legally.

Read the page/wall on facebook, called-
organ donor s are not dead, and /or
look this term up on google, and read what doctors are trying to tell the public, the ones who are trying to help you. Organ donors have as much right to be protected from harm, as do those who are ill and require new organs.
Read the information that is available so that you are fully informed, don't wait for your government to tell you, they may not get around to it in time.