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Perpetual energy without using any fuel!
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Hello U. S. BLOGers,
I got severely whacked 8 years ago testing my Firecat invention, & (after 14 weeks in a coma!), & spending nearly 6 months @ U. C. S. D. Med. Center (& Alvarado hospital), I had 30 months in a wheel chair, in which to contemplate.

Realizing many of my ideas had been ‘inspired by God all Mighty’ I decided to disclose my ideas to everybody @ Hackers can Google my flectr WEB site by searching for "RWW "heal the World!"" for more than 100 original (with shop drawings) ideas!
It's imminently possible to Generate electrical energy by use of magnets to turn an armature where said armature is 1st moved by physical force, & then keeps its momentum moving via said magnetic energy.
By first placing n iron block on an existing armature, & using ‘opposing magnets’ are preceded on said armature by posiyive magnets, the armature will keep turning with the force of momentum. Said opposing magnets will instantaneously be overcome with said momentum.

Regards, & May God continue to bless! Sincerely,
Rick W. White
Room #8, 660 Van Houten Ave., El Cajon, Cal., 92020-513

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There is such a thing as perpetual motion. At temperatures approaching 0 degrees Kelvin, some fluids lose their viscosity and will continue to flow if set in motion such as stirred.

As for the idea with magnets, rubbish. Energy has to come from somewhere. As soon as you remove energy from a system where it is stored magnetically, the magnetic field, which stores the energy, diminishes.