Quran Commentaries - Need for contemporary one
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Dear brothers and sisters please read on:

I have come across about 90% of the Muslim youth who are either disaffected or disenchanted of Islam and religion for it to be simply impracticable in the contemporary times and if 10% are able to appreciate its importance, most of them are doing it just for the sake of traditional Islam. Most of their concepts are either incorrect or have many flaws because none of them would be willing to think or listen to anything that is against the tradition or against their set frame of concepts which they have either inherited or acquired from different groups working in the name of DEEN or Islam. Some people like us have however been always looking to find true and straight understanding of Quran and Hadith that can offer solutions to our contemporary issues through research and updating the interpretations of Quranic knowledge in line with the needs of the time however, in the presence of ongoing militancy and extremism/intolerance in the our overall Muslim societies around the globe and especially in Pakistan, we feel ourselves alone and a bit reluctant to express our views.

In this scenario, we need a big revival of Quranic and Islamic literature which satisfies the needs of the time and to understand Islam in the most contemporary manner.

Here, I would like to put forward a suggestion that Muslims all around the world are desperately need a Tafseer ul Quran which offers explanations of the versus of Quran in the light of the huge body of knowledge that has become available through research in all walks of life. Even many of the fixed IBADAT and commandments about IBAADAT in Quran need to be given a new connotations to make people understand the true spirit of these commandments rather than making them to feel that whether or not they understand them, they have to do it in any case. Which effectively takes out the spirit of performing certain acts like SALAT. Now for SALAT we use NAMAZ which does not really convey the full meanings of SALAAT/SALAH and it has literally become a ritual for most of us and many a times doing it without purpose excpt others do it!!

I feel myself a thirsty student of Knowledge and especially the Knowledge of DEEN but find myself completely incapable of understanding it. However, if we have few organizations to get together and draw up a plan to work on doing a TAFSEER UL QURAN which satisfies the needs of the new and coming generations by making a consortium at the national and international level and start contributing to it according to our skills and competence, this dream can come true and this could be the only TAFSEER UL QURAN that would not have any single author but a galaxy of scholars as contributors. I am sure that we should be able to find funding resources for such a ground breaking work. So whatever we have been able to find out through research and philosophical development about life, living things, universe rather multiverse, cosmology and space, archeology, Anthropology, Medicine, Geography, History, society, business and finance, Ethics, Agriculture, Engineering, Electronics, Environmental sciences, creation, Physical sciences like earth sciences etc. and that Allah's supremacy is above all of what we know and what we don't.