World War II
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I refer to the letter from Mr Lee Chee Koon in the S.T today.

I share Mr Lee’s view about Mr George Yeo’s credentials.

Mr Lee should also appreciate that prior to Mr George Yeo’s appointment, several other foreign Ministers were handling the portfolio too and they unenviable handled it too well too. All other sensitive portfolios were also taken over by newer Ministers and they did their best to bring Singapore to where it is.

Another good example that could be derived is Japan, U.S, UK and others. The rate Japan Prime Ministers and other nations changed hands are certainly heart thumping. These leaders come from other political groups who also have their hands at the government’s huge reserves.
See what happened to these countries. Did they go bankrupt just because a new Minister from opposition parties takes over the leadership? The answer in outright NO!

Instead, Japan showed its resilience by announcing huge financial bailout towards its tsunami disaster.

Najib takes over Abdullah Badawi. Did the country go bankrupt? Dr Mahathir was formerly from opposing camp with Tunku Abdul Rahman. Did the country gets worst?

Our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong takes over from Mr Goh Chok Tong, did the government goes bankrupt? Is Mr Lee Hsien Loong worst off than Mr Goh or his father?

Must capable and qualified Ministers come from ruling party? Opposition becomes opposition because I believe they differ on ideologies and offer quality and alternative approach towards certain issue. Lets try and hear them out. What’s wrong with that? I believe that if Mr Goh were to stand in the opposition side, he too would profess the same reasoning.

Don’t only listen to the people once in every 5 years after heavy condemnation by the people and opposition. The government claimed that they listen to people’s views. If they do, how come the opposition has such ammunition?

I am 60 years old and have postgraduate degree and used to live abroad. I too am proud to hear all the positive things about Singapore. I wish to continue hearing the same positive things for many more years to come. In ensuring that these things continue, I believe that its time to get some heads from other opposing parties. Who knows they could one day prove the ruling party wrong by pitting better alternatives? This will effectively avoid the PM the embarrassment of apologizing every 5 years.

Is Mr LKY, MR Goh Chok Tong, Mr George Yeo and the entire Ministers indispensable? Utter rubbish!!!