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San Gabriel Arcangel
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The Gabriel Arcangel
The Gabriel Arcangel

The Gabriel Archangel mission was founded September 8, 1771.This mission takes place of the fourth in the series of the 21 California missions. This mission is located in San Gabriel and was founded by father president Junipero Sierra. The location of this mission was completely important because many people would not have to travel to missions in Mexico. This greatly increased the popularity of the mission and became the wealthiest and most prosperous of all missions. It became the superior point of association with Mexico.

Mission San Gabriel was an industrious and active mission. The economy at this mission consisted of agriculture planting crops of wheat and corn .They also raised cattle and sheep and vineyards the agriculture was used to maintain the Indians, mission community ,and also as a trading goods. They grew massive crops of food such as corn and beans .Many products were generate in this mission such as fine wines, soap, and candles Daily life in the mission consisted of picking corn, wheat, and acquires water. The bell would awake the Indians and they would attend church. They would work after church. The women would cook and men will work in the fields or works hops. There were different types of Indians that made up this mission like the Chumash
Serrano, and Diengueno Indians.

This is an exclusive mission for many reasons. The bell wall was found in the back instead of the front. Many Indians died from starvation, attacks, and sickness. There were 6,000 Indians buried in the cemetery also known as the garden. The soap and candle factory still exist. This is a beautiful mission filled with extraordinary architectures. In conclusion, this mission currently remains as a museum. Many tourists visit this museum every year, to...