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Some Solar Road Studs with Reflectors Actually Non-Reflective
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Some solar road studs have not only LEDs powered by solar panels, but also some or more reflectors, which are the combination of passive lighting and active lighting.

However, some reflectors are not reflective at all, while some reflectors works very well. Authentic reflective mould core is made by needle-electroforming mother-board, with very high precision. Such reflective mold is so expensive that some small factories do not have enough capital for it. That’s why those products with seemingly reflector actually do not reflect.

For the convenience of the customers to distinguish the authenticity of the reflector, a small flashlight comes into being specially for "reflector identification".

The detecting method is, to place the solar stud 10 meters away, hold the flashlight on between the two eyes, and irradiate the reflector. The reflecting effects can be clearly seen.