Stem cell controversy
Stemcell repair
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Stem cells can obtained from various parts of our bodies and can be used to grow body in the laboratory, why cannot our own body use these cells to self repair,are we not developed enoegh to use this facility, Charles.
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According to my understanding the stem cells, their production,distribution and function (the natural one)are one of the most central core function of life,in any life form. Life of any one of us starts there.
In the most basic, that stem cell function, is a repairing system of our bodies or a regenerating function.

The fact that in the laboratory it seams they are so active does not mean they are not active at all in a living body.

There is a big, I would say rather huge in fact, difference between a laboratory and a living body. In a living body there is a lot lot more other life functions and there is a very fine balance established in between all of these functions through a long long time of evolution.

The stem cell function it is a very finely and delicately balanced function.

I think of the stem cell bodily function; as the main natural function of life which defines the natural length of life for any species, in accordance with their environmental adaption.
It means that any living species has a particular balancing of that system in accordance with that adaption factor.

Some species have it balanced as more active some as less.
More repairs needed (due to the environment)more active that function, shorter generally the natural life span.

Imagine the stem cell function as a battery; more extensively used faster it discharges.

So to answer your question I would say that our own body does use these stem cells for repair and regenerating(that is why they are there in the first place), but certainly not at the extent we would like to, (as in the laboratory),due to that natural balance reached through the long course of evolution.

When the stem cells go dry then the natural life span has reached the end point for the concerned.

Disturbing that balance (by any way imaginable)
and in time all hell breaks loose for the species concerned.

That is only what I think. It could be wrong.


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Many thanks for your reply, I here what you say,but my gut feeling is that there is more to this than that.I agree all hell would break loose if it was in our hands to dictate repairs to self ie.,lose an ear grow a leg in its place if that what mean, but I still feel we should be able tell the body to repair and replace parts and this then would be an automatic prccess carri
ed out without our continued intererence.I believe that cancer cell are part of the repair system out of control I am not sure if this correct?.I still feel that perhaps we have not evolved enough as humans to take advantage of this proccess
A subject change as a thought came to me a DNA tree service to trace family ancestry like the family tree history which is so popular at the moment I certainly would not mind my DNA taken to plot my family history
sorry I side traced Charlesr
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First,so as to be as understanding as possible, my self have nothing against scientific research what ever the ground it my be covering.
Through researches we get to grow our understanding of life, existence, environment, universe etc.
In a way that how we can be more certain of the do(s) and don't(s) and the limits.

Am sure there will be profits for science and humanity coming out of the stem cell research, but considering the subject discussed as very delicate and important (at least that is how I do consider it),the quick and rushing conclusions which lead to premature action may be very costly, despite the so much promising short term profit.

In my first reply to you sir, the phrase "in any way imaginable" it means that what ever be the way(or the cause) significantly effecting the stem cell bodily function (or system) to the point that it will push it to a new and drastic natural balancing, the outcome is more or less the same;a ripple effect influencing the health status of the species concerned.

A "imaginable way" could be the natural environment behaving. A drastic change on the pattern of the natural environment behaving(such as a drastic climate change, global warming etc.)could, I think, influence and pressure that stem cell functioning balance. The side effects,in this case,will be as drastic as the change of that natural environmental pattern will be. But please understand, this only what I think, it does not constitute as a definite or a true conclusion.

I too think that one of the causes of cancers and tumors is due to the balance wobbling, of that stem cell function, a little outside of the natural tolerances.

I believe in future one of the profits we gain from the scientific research it will be in a form of a new required safeguard regarding any medication and health treatment as been free from causing an effect to that stem cell functioning balance.
That is only a believe.

To me,(do not know about others,wish I know),the basic principal in medicine,to be always reminded of; is the balance achieved.

"What can kill - can also cure and what can cure - can also kill. The difference lies with the achieving of the right balance".

So when it comes to DNA related applications or any other medical application, I do think and believe, the matter lies with the ability of striking the right balance.

To be honest, it does not seam like you been very interested on that DNA tree service offer. :-)

Pleasure replying to you again.
Thank you. :-) :-)

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This topic concerns me greatly. My 27 yr old
daughter studies in this field in her research.
Presently, several children at her hospital
aren't fairing very well with the choices,
that are being used.
Repairing cell damage on the young,seems
that the same ways adults repair-may not be
mimicked the same in children.
I understand that some children's systems
are in constant change,so you have to find
the [vibration of the timing],or the systematic
mode in which which days of the month their
health is strongest.
I have long wanted to see if feeling warm
vibrations play a molecular effect of the
human system,and see if there are other
measures could be added afterwards for cell
repair damage to find new ways to renew
the nucleus and then proceed from there.
But,as you say- maybe human intellect
is way too slow to actually try new
ways to harness new technology to
make a difference at this 2009 year.
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I might be a little naive, more than a little,but still feel we could self heal all body parts with time.
Lateral thought process is what is needed, experts do tend dismiss some good thoughts because they know to much and dismiss a idea before they have thought it through, and dont see the wood for the trees. I do not pretend to know what is going on in the Labs,but I just feel that our body is capable of self heal,which we cannot control at our present stage of development. Maybe it has to be released in young children for them to learn as we as adult have not progressed enough because we did not have these thougts when we were at that age.Charlesr