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I recently started thinking about time travel and how awesome it would be to actually travel through time.....so i started reading articles and they gave me a lot of insight

First:: all these paradoxes seem to make time travel impossible...one thing is the grandfather paradox where if u travel back in time and kill your grandfather then u will have never been born.so where will u go?

BUT the idea of parallel universe(though hard to understand in depth) seems to make time travel possible.

THEN i started seeing how can one actually timetravel and it seems that it is possible if one travels faster than light..
EXAMPLE: if u are running in a track faster than light then after u cross the finish line (and turn back) u will see yourself coming towards u...(since one sees objects as light reflects from them and u travel faster than light,reflection only happens after some time).

BUT how can u see it as there is no object to reflect light from?(i came across this example in a magazine)

what if we all traveled through time and forgot about it(i mean our memory has also reversed)
what if we are in an infinite loop where we find the time travel machine ,travel back and start life from scratch and so on....sounds scary..

so let me know your thoughts
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I think that ur silly thought is indeed silly xP

other then that no idea, may be possible, may not.
eitherway i think we should forget about it indeffinetly,
cause if possible it will probably be dangerous beyound imagination. This is in my opinion one of those few things we shouldnt even research abit.
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Time travel is impossible.
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Hi im new here, I love reading peoples theories, and no one is silly for trying to put peices together, Im not sure abouta time machine, but im open minded to all things. and anything is possible.. but i do belive that we can travel backwards and forwards in time mentally... i also belive that as we go about our lifes and aspecially in dream states we can figure things out and change things.. i also belive that we can go back around again and change our karma.

im so glad i found this group, ive never met anyone yet who is interested in the theories of time travel.. so im loking foward to meeting people