That's Where the Truth is Found
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Not even in the Scriptures if we are unable to unglue ourselves from the letter. In an Allegory, for instance, which is the nature of the Genesis account of creation and the content of prophetic visions, almost every word or statement has a double sense, a literal one and a figurative one. The plain one, which is found satisfactory to the unlearned, no matter his agenda, is considered valuable, no doubt, but of the worth of silver. The hidden meaning though, that's where the truth is, much more precious. Therefore, the figurative meaning bears the same relation to the literal one as gold to silver. It is further necessary that the plain sense of the phrase should give to those who consider it some notion of that which the figure represents.

Think of a golden apple ovelaid with a network of silver; when seen at a distance, or looked at, superficially, it is mistaken for a silver apple, but when a keen-sighted person looks at the object well, he will find what is within, and see that the apple is gold. The same is the case with the figures employed by prophets and thouse found in the Genesis allegory of creation. Taken literally, such expressions contain wisdom useful for many purposes, among others, for the amelioration of the condition of society; e.g., the Proverbs of Solomon and similar sayings in the literal sense. Their hidden meaning, however, is profound wisdom, conducive to the recognition of real Truth.

The Truth therefore is usually found in the metaphorical interpretation of the letter, which, sometimes, conveys the message of a myth. Hence, the charge of the sarchastic that the Bible constitutes a tome of myths. To a certain extent, it could be true, but for the unlearned who can't see beyond what the eyes of the flesh allow them to see. The Truth is in the archetype of reality. Consider the following point: How many times is 7 found in 77? The quick answer would be twice. Why? Because that's what we can see with the eyes of the flesh. Valuable per se, but of the worth of silver. The gold, though, is found in the metaphorical understanding that the letter points to: That 7 is found 11 times in 77. It can never be put down on the paper because it will no longer be 77. Why? Because the real truth is found only in the unseen realm of reality, perceived only by a developed Intellect.