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The film Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew)
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Film program for the film 'Der Ewige Jude' (The Eternal Jew)

Below is an English translation of the film program for 'Der Ewige Jude'. It was written by the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda and was distributed to film viewers just before the film was shown, so that viewers would be able to read a summary of the film before actually viewing it.

"The film begins with an impressive expedition through the Jewish ghettoes in Poland. We are shown Jewish living quarters, which in our view cannot be called houses. In these dirty rooms lives and prays a race which earns its living not by work, but by haggling and swindling. From the little urchin to the old man, they stand in the streets, trading and bargaining.

Using trick photography, we are shown how the Jewish racial mixture in Asia Minor developed and flooded the entire world. We see a parallel to this in the itinerant routes of rats, which are the parasites and bacillus-carriers among animals, just as the Jews occupy the same position among mankind.

The Jew has always known how to assimilate his external appearance to that of his host. Contrasted are the same Jewish types, first the Eastern Jew with his kaftan, beard, and sideburns, and then the clean-shaven, Western European Jew. This strikingly demonstrates how he has deceived the Aryan people. Under this mask he increased his influence more and more in Aryan nations and climbed to higher-ranking positions. But he could not change his inner being.

After the banishment of the Jews from Europe was lifted, following the age of Enlightenment, the Jews succeeded, within the course of several decades, in dominating the world economy, before the various host nations realized it -- and this despite the fact that they made up only 1 per cent of the world population. An excerpt from an American film about the Rothschilds, made by Jews, reveals to us the cunning foundations of their banking empire. Then we see how Jews, working for their international finance, drive the German people into the November Revolution. They then shed their anonymity and step out openly onto the stage of political and cultural life. Thus, the men who were responsible for the disgraceful debasement of the German people are paraded before us. Incontestable examples are shown of how they robbed the country and the people of immense sums.

As well as gaining financial supremacy they were able to dominate cultural life. The repulsive pictures of so-called Jewish "art" reveal the complete decline of cultural life at that time. Using original sequences from contemporary films, the degrading and destructive tendency of Jewish power is exposed. For hundreds of years German artists have glorified figures from the Old Testament, knowing full well the real face of Jewry. How the Jew actually looks is shown in scenes shot by Jews themselves in a "culture film" of a Purim festival, which is still celebrated today to commemorate the slaughter of 75,000 anti-Semitic Persians, and the doctrine with which future Rabbis in Jewish schools are educated to be political pedagogues. We look into a Jewish 'Talmud' class and experience the oriental tone of the ceremony in a Jewish synagogue, where Jews conduct business deals among themselves during the holy services.

However, the cruel face of Judaism is most brutally displayed in the final scenes, in which original shots of a kosher butchering are revealed. The film documents the inhuman slaughter of cattle and sheep without anesthesia and provides conclusive evidence of a brutality which is simply inconceivable to all Aryan people. In shining contrast, the film closes with pictures of German people and German order, which fill the viewer with a feeling of deep gratification for belonging to a race whose Führer is fundamentally solving the Jewish problem."



"This profoundly evil and misleading film should horrify you, not because of the Jews in it but because of the atrocities we are saying about them and we are doing to them.

The film opens with images of the filth and squallor of the Polish ghettoes where Jews are forced by us to live, hungry, dirty, without hope or any dignity, so we could take these pictures and try to convince the world that this is the way Jews like to live. We will not show you, of course, pictures of the German soldiers just outside the ghetto gate with orders to shoot any Jew who attempts to leave or pictures of the abuse and brutality us Aryans inflict daily on this helpless group of people, who trusted and obeyed us and came peacefully into these filthy and crowded slums from the clean, large and pleasant homes where they used to live but which we confiscated for our enjoyment and profit.

We will show you examples of our despicable fantasies comparing Jews to rats and other vermin, like our Führer wrote and says, making those people responsible for our own mistakes and shortcomings.

We will try to deceive you by saying that Jews never do any work, as if any money they had came to them by magic or by the generosity of us Aryans, always so keen to make lavish donations to Jews. Of course, they made the money by cheating and tricking us Aryans and anybody who says that he saw Jews working hard for long hours in their businesses, workshops, laboratories, teaching or training people, is by definition a liar.

We will carefully hide from you that many thousands of Jews fought and died and won medals for bravery, in the wars that we started over the centuries, defending the country we now say is not their country anymore.

Finally, we will try hard to make you hate those damned Jews by showing pictures of their kosher slaughterhouses, as if our own killed the animals we eat with any more consideration or less pain.

Our glorious Führer is trying hard to solve the Jewish problem, this film is part of his honest and truthful efforts, you are expected to watch it, approve, cheer, look convinced and enthusiastic... or else some nice Gestapo chaps will give you a ride and try to gently persuade you".