Albert Einstein
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A good morning to your exquisite presence. I hope you will forgive my humor, but now and 'incurable and permanent.
Also I have to forgive me for not having informed, both in past years, that during the most 'recent and relevant facts and information about you that you wanted to learn and discuss. Of this I am sorry but the events I witnessed left me not so much room to maneuver. I speak of nothing and I hope to stay there as, I believe it will become 'obvious to you, a lot of information which is in hand. The problem is' big so I hope that you will get help in confirming this information to help in the discussions. Our planet and our human race now has a very big problem to solve and this concerns us all, repeat all now, frantically It seems we all have a big problem of peaceful coexistence between peoples and cultures, but the problem 'wide underestimated. So you are forced to take a step back. It seems that our human race has progressed much in terms of both culture and society 'both in the sciences. As for the company ', and its control, we are many peoples with a very intense and rich social life.
But our real problem is our scientific discoveries. The list and 'majestic and very long, we start from a short list: antigravita', antimatter, nuclear science, science of the atom, control of physical variables of the universe, and other miniaturization, ultra-light flight, and brain science, not least, a science and that I 'was made known as the secret of Petronius. It 's not common to race in that I learned so much that I learned that among the stars, we are known and feared and dreaded. I believe that our best scientists can confirm that we could afford even now setting out to conquer an entire galaxy, and this' very important to us. This, unfortunately, we do not know only us but also dangerous and powerful aliens that would be very comfortable that sparissimo. Even without even attack us, just put one against the other, which, with a little 'of chiarovisione, you can' understand that we may be in possession too. Everything unfortunately 'confirmed and no more' extended, so that I can make the prediction that within 10-15 years the destiny of our race will 'definitely done and everything will change.' So they say the stars above all a great benefit of our " retro-rockets, "Dunno, I did not understand it myself well. But if you do not qualhe what, inevitably, and 'be foolish not to admit it, who wants you to succeed evil' in its scope, jackets' seems a bit 'that peaceful coexistence between our peoples has a little' out of its impetus and and 'difficult to see the long term. For now, suffice it to you to know this, I promise you I'll put 'aware of other more' important revelations that made me. But I know for a fact that now the way and 'already' started and you can not 'go back. We are a strong race but we are facing a severe test. We hope that this' will help to shed light and to foster discussion.