The recent uprisings among muslim states
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We are being shown something by ALLAH whch is that though we are islamic states,we left the ways of the quran and the prophet ,we are doing as we feel like and in the end when our own pple rise against us,we blame the west..

islam has never opted for dictatorship or one man rule,something that marginalises one group of pple to the other..this is why instances of fitnah arise and we end up fighting one another like the case of libya..

aother lesson is that it has taught us is that whenever we lack unity,forces of turmoil are always at the corner..when shall we ever have a strong bond as muslim states and support matters that upgrade our cause and strengthen our defence?

muslims lets wake up and face reality otherwise we are going to the foxes and ravens to be devoured and used up.

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do not kill any person without right, and if you do it is like killing the whole world.(Kuran) not kill them or overthrow them as far as they say Prayers and build mosques(Prophet Muhammad s.a.w)reply when asked after narrating to the leaders to come their behavior.

the question.

name of the country which stood and repeat this warning?

neither Presidents nor his Muftis of either side dare not repeat this WHY>

You tube full of lectures and sermons can you find ONE warning Muslim ummat? about the Hadith Rasul and or Kuran warning?