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Time Travel & Life Death Cycle Mystery
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Why cant we travel through time ?

Friction may be the biggest reason to stop us from travelling through time

Suppose we construct a big ring like a donut with a vacume seal to avoid friction and levitate it. A chamber using magnets and use slow gradual acceleration to acheive faster speeds and maintain the gradual acceleration will we experience time travel????

Y is it necessary to travel exact at speed of light as a reference point to actually travel back in time? Can we acheive near about high speed to experience such a effect?

By doing so if at all a human travels at high speed what will happen to his body will it age or not age If its ageing at what rate compared to others. Would he be able to crack the most imp question through time travle The answer of key question what life after death with time as reference point?
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I think your theory is missing a critical factor...mass

while friction does slow things down and lack of friction would give small mass almost unlimited ability to accelerate, there isn't enough EM of nuclear power in all the stars to accelerate infinitely.

I see gravity as being the largest power regarding speed. The thing that affects gravity is mass. The more massive something is, the faster it can move

now, if you apply your frictionless theory to a massive object using gravity as a power source, how fast can it go?

perhaps this is why light speed is unaffected by gravity..it is not massive enough to go any faster
it may also explain why red shifted galaxies appear to be moving at large fractions of C or very close to C...they can go faster yet because of their mass
the ones moving faster than C are likely invisible until or unless they slow down for some reason...

I don't think relativity is correct in regards to time dilation or structural integrity of objects going at or faster than the speed of light.