Time travel
Time-machine? What do you mean with it?
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Please do not play with the words.

In physics, and analyzing its results, is of most importance to define who is the experimenter, what is the object of the experiment, which are physical elements involved and what is the precision required to the results of the measurements.

If you want to invent a time-machine that looks like a 'telephone both' that you enter, you dial the time and coordinates of destination in its keyboard, and PANG! you are there in a fully "complete" environment of the chosen time, then, you are thinking in a way that contradicts itself. You do not really understand what you intend to do.
Because you are not at the cinema in some kind of show that you are looking-at from "outside". You (and your both) are a part of that picture.
In physics, to measure (to see) without corrupting the object to be measured, simply does not exist. Actually, one of your main concerns when taking samples of the reality should be to convince yourself that your probes are not altering that reality in such a way that your measurements are not longer relevant.

If you travel back in time to a place where you never have been before ( say, Rome 1857 ), then that reality and environment will (by definition) NOT be "the real one" for that time. Your presence there (your body starting to interact with other parts of that reality at the very instant when you and your both "arrive") makes it per-definition a different place. You can´t be in a place without modifying it. OK? It does not matter if you are a virus or Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Consequently, you have to think that what is going wrong probably is that your question is not well formulated.
May be it has a grammatical structure that is correct and that all the words used exist in your language. But the "question" carries in its own a contradiction that cannot be solved unless you abandon your own notions of time and logics. In that case you are abusing of the meaning you give to the words "logic", "time", "travel", "machine", etc giving to them different meanings depending on if you are asking or answering.
The time-machine does not exist and will never exist in the terms presented here, if you do not define beforehand what it will accomplish and how you are going to evaluate its inputs and outputs; as "in which grade" the results will be considered as reached and how long you are prepared to tolerate its own "corrupting" factor.
Try to understand first, more precisely, the qualities and properties of that machine, that is, what it will be able to accomplish and how big is the amount of "corruption" you are able to tolerate to be introduced by that device.

Let me present you another example of a wrong-formulated question: "Can the "Almighty Lord" create such a heavy stone that He then, cannot lift it up".
I is quite obvious that we are formulating a logically correct question that shows that the "Almighty" does not exist: if HE can one thing, He, then, can not the other.
We just do not understand what the word almighty actually means.

However, seen from other point of view, the time machine "Tima" exists already. I'm not joking.
She can really travel back in time and achieve the retrieval of a good part of the data from that "world".
Tima can do it as many times in a row as you want going back in time several years.
Probably, as any other conceivable time-machine, it fails as She cannot act over all the elements of the universe. Just on a restricted part of them. Still Tima's results are very, very, good; showing extraordinary precision and data-quality.
Besides that, She permits the operator to introduce modifications in the reality and study in detail the implications of those changes.

Tima is the Audio Recorder/Reproducer.

You are now, of course, immediately tempted to argue
- "This is NOT a true time-machine. Where is the 'both' with a keyboard that we were talking about."
And I will reply:
- "Really? Please put in precise words why She isn´t"