Umrah packages 2013
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Hajj 2013 instalments plan
Islam mandates that all Muslims who are financially and physically capable perform a pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj). Our Prophet (SAW) advised to financially prepare for it, and delineated the specific way in which each of the rituals involved was to be performed. The Sunnah raised the religious and ethical value of pilgrimage to such an extent that it has become the ultimate worldly hope of a Muslim's life.

The Hajj should be undertaken as an affirmative response to Allah's (SWT) calling. The verse that the pilgrim chants throughout the pilgrimage is an expression of his acquiescence to Allah's (SWT) call. The Hajj is an act of presenting one's self before Allah (SWT). Muslims prepare for it as if they were leaving this world altogether. First, must pay off debts including any zakah due on the wealth. Also return whatever was given in trust and have enough savings to bear the expenses of the journey and provide families and dependents during the absence. Since no Hajj is valid if it is performed "on credit," the pilgrim must have previously earned and saved enough to cover these expenses. Every Muslim must make Hajj a priority and plan to perform it as soon as possible at least once in a lifetime.

Islam Freedom offer simple 2 Hajj instalments plan
Deposit £100 followed by first payment £500 in April and final payment in August.

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