Want to select some Christmas gifts for your friends?
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Maybe you want to select some gifts for your friends to express your kindly feelings. Then you can consider other different style handicrafts.
Do you know about Chinese cloisonné handicrafts (Olagift), which are very famous all around the world?
Cloisonné is one of the most distinctive Chinese traditional handicrafts with 600 years history. As an art craft, cloisonné has been going on until today. When doing the cloisonné, use red copper to make Cloisonné Teapot body. Stick the pattern on the body by oblate and thin brass wires. And then fills the inlay pattern by enamel glaze material in different colors. Finally, fire over and over, polishing and gilding. The technique of cloisonné is used not only bronze crafts, but also the porcelain crafts, plus, fetching in plenty of traditional manual painting and carving technique.
Cloisonne teapot, cloisonne enamel bowl, Chinese pottery, all of them are Chinese characteristics culture products.
Chinese antique cloisonné handicrafts are very exquisite, which will be the best choice as the Chrismas gift for your friends. Plus, just collecting the cloisonné handicrafts is also meaningful.