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What extent did the Suez Crisis of 1956 mark the end of British influence in Middle Eastern affairs?
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I need two opposing arguments and disscussion.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know the whole thing made britain look bad becuase of the plot to put troups near the canal with israel and france. Nasser came out on top becuase it showed he would stand up to the west...
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Nasser only "came out on top" because Britain and France was forced to withdraw, after decimating Egypt's armed forces.
The USA, allies of Britain and France, gave notice that unless both nations withdrew within a given time frame,the USA would instigate a run on the economy of both countries.In effect causing each country to be on the brink of bankruptcy.

Britain and France had to concede. The UN then took over the policing action.

The reason for the invasion? Nasser broke the agreement which Egypt had, between Britain and France for the control of the Suez canal. The agreement had been signed to give Britain and France the control of the canal for some considerable time.Bearing in mind Britain and France were the major share holders since the 1800's.
What would be America"s reaction to Panama should they decide to take over their canal? As usual,the Americans
took the political position, Eisenhower had an election coming,everything has to by the board, when its election time in the USA.
So Nasser came out on top, by default and the USA's unwarranted intervention.Was this the beginning of the middle east Oil Power? "What ever we do" the USA will be on our side? just check on the background of Oil in the middle east.Who discovered it and suffered for it. Not the USA.