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Will Shlomo Mousaieff help Iceland- asks Cassandra13
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Shlomo Mousaieff's daughter, Dorit, is married to the Icelandic President- she is therefore, Iceland's first lady. And with a father who is a billionaire, and with so many high level contacts in the ruling elite, my question to Shlomo is this- IF THERE IS A MARRIAGE BETWEEN ICELAND AND ISRAEL- PROVE IT. What are you doing to help the Icelandic people? I am one of Benediktsson's descendents. So, on his behalf, and on behalf of Icelandic people, I ask WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP THEM? Another thing, Shlomo, do these numbers mean anything to you 13 October 1961? I was born on a black friday, and when I turned 39, my birthday fell on a full moon, and a black friday. Do these numbers mean anything to you Shlomo? I was living in a house whose numbers were Lot 13/31. Turning 39.........

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