Bank Interest and Insurance cause Recession in the World
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Why are all sorts theories of the economy in the World has stalled in practice so not able to regulate their own national monetary stability?

The answer is most appropriate for the world economy, in each country, has been affected by the banking and Insurance. Both kinds of efforts is highly forbidden by Islamic law because its motives are highly dangerous of interest on money lent.

Development's Theories of communist ideology, capitalist, and socialist its self was not able to govern themselves.

The statesmen and technocrats are not able to bring national monetary system stability.

There is no correct theory in set construction, as if theory stalled. This is where the look of bankruptcy ideologies. Theories that can not save the above issues is a challenge.

Could the bank without interest was established? Perhaps, even more reasonable and effective for the improvement of the local economy.

World trade is not dead if interest rates in the banking system to be abolished, even more successful without incriminating stuff.

Because insurance levy rates in the banking system, and bank interest is riba which is haraam, surely the insurance itself is forbidden by Islam.

So good or bad the economy of people is a picture of bad or good governance function in society.