Time travel
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has anyone ever observed a time line outside the perspective of their own? It seems to me that would be the only way to know if time ever slowed down or sped up, could be looped back or jumped ahead of the present.
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The increased optical resolution of the hubble, enabling us to see magnitudes farther, instantly, may by some be considered either time travel or parallel to time travel, and brings into question, our scientific ideas about speeds of light, and the 'Space Time Continium "

recently, the hubble published images some 14 billion years into the past, if the math is correct, and we are actually looking at star formations, 14 billion years old, discounting the formation time, the with instrumentation we are looking at times, that wothout optical resolution nstrumentation, would be magnitudes of time earlier. Its just a question, it increasing the speed of sight going forward in time ? Visually it most certainly is.

Seeing where we are going may well precede actually going there. The possibility exist, things are not as far away as we think, and with new materials permitting nuclear detonation sequenced space travel, above or below the galactic axis, the possibility that such travel is attainable, exists, admittidly its between science fiction, and actual science right now, but I remember when we thought the elemental data represented in the periodic tables were the absolute smallest division matter could be reduced to withour splitting so-called atoms. Yet The new particle acellerators have revealed more than 100 particles infinitely smaller than our idea about atomic structures. Granted they may only be related to so called components of Aether, and/or material itself, In any case it has revealed an entirely new realm of material strata and the poossibility of its affects on materials science cannot be taken lightly. Interesting these times.

I tried to post this on the "is time travel possible site" as it relates to the subject, and someone declaring themselves to be system admin, attacked me, and resourced the personal data they require to login to the site, and, changed my name and Icon, having access to my password. I reported the incident to ABSOLUTE ACTRONOMY, if nothing is done, I will go higher up the ladder. since it violates the forum software agreements.

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